More Tea and Biscuits

Here’s a few mugs and jugs that we’ve collected over the last few years at Ceramic Art London …

The two in the front are by James and Tilla Waters. I’m now lusting after one of their teapots to match the mug at the front. Had to be sensible though so we’re saving up for the teapot and went for a Derek Wilson mug instead this year (back left). The milk jug is also by Derek.

Tea and biscuits with Rye Pottery

Recently I was very fortunate to be invited for tea and biscuits with Connie and David Beighton, to have a look at their extraordinary home full of Rye Pottery. Having bought one of my pieces at the Mine Gallery in Carshalton, they thought it very similar to some Rye Pottery in their collection. They got in touch and I discovered a whole new world of pottery! Here are some photos from my visit …

The pot at the back on the left is mine, the rest are Rye Pottery. Mine is carved porcelain through slip, the Rye is stoneware clay slipped and carved as well but with a drip of white glaze in each cut.



By The Line Pottery is live on Etsy

We’ve had a rather busy Easter weekend of family and … finally getting around to setting up an online pottery shop on Etsy. It’s called By The Line Pottery because of that train line that runs about 50 feet away along the embankment behind my little studio. 

The Etsy shop can be found here: By The Line Pottery Etsy Shop


Next in my adventure into the world of online stuff is to setup Facebook, revamp this blog, Instagram then all that kind of thing that the rest of my family, especially the kids,  seem to know a lot more about than I do! Special thanks again to the photography of Bill Mudge that was used  throughout the Etsy shop.