The Lost Works of Carl Lawson

Yesterday I popped into ‘my’ gallery which has been closed for a couple of weeks while mysterious activity went on inside, behind the blocked out windows … I was stunned to see the new gallery exhibition which really does take your breath away as you walk in. It’s a project that has been germinating for quite a while now at the [mine] gallery in Carshalton.

Huge, beautifully worked impressionist canvases are now adorning every wall. They are the work of Carl Lawson who was a leading light in the London art scene in the 1960s and 1970s and associated with Frank Auerbach amongst others. He became reclusive and basically forgotten. Carl has since died and a couple of years ago his boarded up house was finally bought and over 100 perfectly preserved crated up canvases were discovered in the darkness. They very nearly went straight in the skip! But fortunately the buyer had the presence of mind to recognise great art.

Mine Gallery owner Andrew Candy was teasing us yesterday that the whole story behind Carl Lawson is quite something and I really can’t wait to find out more as the exhibition continues. My pictures below don’t do the work justice at all, you really need to see them …