In the Etsy Showroom, Hamburg

Back in August I was contacted by Laetitia from the German Etsy PR team and asked if I’d like to submit some samples of my pottery to appear in an Etsy curated Showroom.

That showroom turned out to be the media hub of a much wider event called Etsy Zuhause that was running in 6 cities across Germany and Austria (Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Munich and Vienna) involving many very talented Etsy crafts people.

I have to admit to being slightly mystified at first, perhaps even a bit suspicious of this request from the blue! I don’t think that I have fully grasped the sheer global scale of Etsy yet; being in Europe classified me as a local seller I think.

Anyway, I took the plunge and posted a box of three pots and Laetitia was fantastic. Below are a few photos of the event, my pots are in the second photo looking like they’re being judged (though the white, ceramic banana is nothing to do with me!)

I especially like the wooden tree from Demelzahill in Brighton, UK.

All of the beautiful photographs below are by:

Afterwards, Etsy have purchased the whole set themselves (very fair!) to use with a further “collaboration opportunity” that I have yet to find out about. I’ll wait and see what happens I guess …

I do wish to say a big thank you to Etsy and Laetitia for inviting me to be involved in Etsy Zuhause. Although I couldn’t be there in person I was able to watch the events unfold on Instagram #etsyzuhause

LandScape Magazine

In September I was delighted to be contacted by LandScape magazine who asked to feature the salt pots from my Etsy shop in their November / December magazine.

Last Thursday my slightly over excited husband dashed into WH Smiths in Victoria station, London to grab a freshly printed copy off the shelf. Below are some photos from the magazine, I’m in the “In the kitchen” section, “Flavour of the sea”.

LandScape magazine is beautifully photographed and presented and is quite a treasure in it’s own right. I particularly like the articles promoting traditional crafts such as the loom silk weaving in Suffolk and wood turning from Vicki Brand pictured below.

My husband likes the Polecat and wildlife articles though he’s complaining that he may now be set to work building a reclaimed brick path in our allotment over the Winter now, after inspiration from the magazine! (grumble, grumble)

Grayson Perry Mini Pilgrimage

The start and end of my Summer was bookended by everyone’s favourite transvestite potter, Grayson Perry. On our way up through Essex to Suffolk we stopped at the peaceful village of Wrabness where Grayson designed and built “Julie’s House” with FAT Architecture. 

We couldn’t go inside the house (which is sooo frustrating because it’s packed full of amazing art!) but a public footpath right next to the house gives good views of the temple-like structure. Afterwards we stopped in the village cafe where the very friendly locals provided a very decent sandwich and cup of tea and were more than delighted to talk about Grayson and how they all seemed to have played a part in the construction and the brief period of media excitement that followed the opening of Julie’s House earlier this year with accompanying Channel 4 documentary.


And on the way home we stopped in Margate for the day on the Kent coast and popped into the Turner Gallery to see the Provincial Punk exhibition that chronicles his artistic journey from the early days as an anti-elitist in Thatcherite Essex and London to his current role as an unlikely national treasure and one of my favourite artists. No photos allowed in the exhibition though! Apart from a case of broken Perry pottery in the entry hall (below). 

If you like Grayson then you must go to the Turner, and don’t miss the fabulous new Dreamland now reopened in Margate either.


CRAFTCO in Southwold

During our family holiday in Southwold this Summer I spent several hours lost in the inspirational, quirky world of CRAFTCO at the far end of the high street near a big Adnams beer shop. CRAFTCO is, as the name suggests, a collective for contemporary arts and crafts in East Anglia. Textiles, toys, jewellery, prints and of course ceramics from up to a hundred members of the collective are beautifully presented alongside ever changing exhibitions upstairs. 

My family all love the hand built, elaborate, painted, musical automata scattered around the shop. This time we got full value from the 20p we dropped into the crazy circus that carried on and and on and on until the lady in the shop unplugged it. 

We treated ourselves to some handmade mugs. Mine is by Irena Sibrijns and is pictured below. “The surface decoration is created with bodystains and oxides, using latex resist to layer the decoration in order, in order to achieve a depth of colour and definition to the drawing.” That’s what it says on the leaflet that came with the mug and I like the way CRAFTCO goes to such trouble to highlight the work of each of the makers. 

Very well worth a visit if you are ever in Southwold…