Porcelain Vases for McQueens 

I’ve been working a great deal this year with McQueens, the amazing Bethnal Green based florists in London. McQueens work in rather prestigious circles so this really has been quite an honour for me! Recently they were in Cannes installing flowers for the Vanity Fair party and you can also see their work adorning the Skylon restaurant in the Royal Festival Hall. 

My brief was to create a simple, hand thrown, porcelain bud vase with clean lines. A set of prototypes were produced and I’ve worked closely with founder Kally Ellis. More recently a batch has been produced especially for McQueens 25th Anniversary celebrations. You can read  about it on the McQueens blog here. 

The photo below was taken by McQueens who have used it for their 25th Anniversary invitations …

And below are a few more pictures of these vases during production plus some photos by Bill Mudge of the most recent batch, taken the day before they were packed and dispatched to Bethnal Green.